How does my company can get involved in projects Press Photo?
What are the possibilities to deduct the amount of tax paid?

The agreement specifies that buys advertising service company. At the amount specified in the contract issue VAT invoices as for any other advertising service, so that the amount paid is the real cost deductible.
Everything is based on the same principles as in the case of buying airtime, advertising on the Internet or the printed press.


Why is it better if the books are free?

Firstly, because that Internet users accustomed to free content on the Internet. Most are illegal copies, unfortunately, and in addition terrible quality. Our publications are to change this situation and ensure access to culture free but legal in good quality and at a high level.

Secondly, because if people do not want to spend money on culture and art that we have a choice to either accept this reality and come to terms with steadily deteriorating condition of the intellectual society, or trying to influence the situation by providing free works that are on such a high level that will improve the level of customers.

Thirdly, because the free items reach a record number of donations, and we want to ad companies, which at heart is to promote Polish culture to the largest possible number of customers.


What number of downloads can we expect in the free distribution in the world?

No one is able to answer honestly the question about the number of downloads a book that has yet to appear on the market. The contract with Apple also prevents the administration any information on topics related to finance, and such information is the number of downloads issued by us to date books. Fortunately, there are information provided by Apple Inc. reports allowing to determine the order of magnitude.

Every year before Christmas, Apple provides a free software program called "12 Days of Gifts". Users who install this software each of these 12 days will receive free product from the iTunes Store or App Store. Most often these are products not exceeding in the period, the prices paid 2 euros. However, more than 100 million users in 2013 have downloaded an app to get a book, a song, game or program. Why? Because it was free!

In addition to Apple's iTunes store iTunesU leading non-profit service for the education sector. Materials distributed by this service are products to help in education at every stage - from the earliest years after his doctoral studies. Apple is financing part of the position, the rest has the support of various institutions and commercial companies. Therefore they are available for free!We did not like this our offer, so much that we want to distribute the book on the so-called big iTunes, not only on a small educational platform iTunesU. Nevertheless, we know that the total number of downloads of free books iTunesU for the first three years exceeded 300 million (as of September 2010), which was the first year the introduction of iPads on the market. Today, users of iPads is more than 200 million iPhones a few times more, and accounts in the iTunes store well over a BILLION. Are these numbers do not speak for themselves?


What is the difference between the Multi Touch iBooks & eBook?

The difference is the same as between a book with the text printed on the cheapest paper, and a great album with reproductions of works of art. In both positions will be perfectly legible text, but while for ordinary book and ebook it will be the end capabilities, the album and the book Multi Touch only be present.

Multi Touch iBooks exceed their quality of even the best editorial, bibliophile editions. Backlit screen allows for a fantastic presentation graphics, and iBooks efficient engine that reads Multi Touch books plays videos in a resolution, which can exceed 2-4 times Full HD. Reading and viewing comfort is unmatched by any other medium, and what is very important is not dependent on the room lighting.

Never before have media content were not presented in such a stunning quality. Never before has a multimedia albums do not give these colors, sounds and effects, making the printed albums do not want to go back now.


What's different between Multi Touch iBooks & applications for tablets or website?

Applications for tablets like some websites that opens in the program delivered to the recipient and replacing the standard browser. I do not really different from anything but a personalized browser appearance. The applications are therefore intended to provide up to date information in an attractive way. Often as a supplement presents interesting multimedia content, but just as in the case of web pages in a small resolution.

Books Multi-Touch is a work closed. Just as luxury editions of albums provide content in the best possible quality. Photographs and reproductions of works of art reach a resolution as to print and film materials reach often today's new television or Ultra HD (4K). The sound is not even what to say, because the quality of the CD is just the warm-up! Because everything is compiled into a perfectly functioning whole, nothing jams (as is the case with streaming video of the even You Tube), and the quality is always perfect.


How did the recipient know that it is possible to download the free book?


Each book will be published to the period of presale (although it will be free of charge). This will give us existence for some time in the section presale iTunes. This will fuel interest in the position among readers before it can be downloaded.

Later it appears in both the News section, where you reach users who visit the iTunes store and at the same time in the section Item Free. There all always start visiting the store!

A large number of downloads give us a good position in the department HOT - the most frequently downloaded.

Apart from iTunes there are also directories and portals dealing with informing viewers of such publications. Everywhere we will inform about the books in the series.

On YouTube there will be an official teasers and trailers of each item. The interest will also be built through our website and Fan Page on Face Book ®.


Can we get copies for your own distribution?

Of course, every company that advertises in the book will receive a set of materials needed for the distribution of the book. This will not only files of books, but also a set of illustrations for inclusion on the web, logo of the action, teasers and trailers, as well as all the necessary links to stores iTunes and other materials on the Internet.


How many potential readers of books Multi Touch? Why omitted tablet market with Adroid?

In just 2013 years Apple sold 70.4 million iPads, while Samsung, Asus, Lenovo and Amazon together sold 64 million tablets. Second place went to Samsung, whose tablets sold more 37.4 million. Emerging markets recorded a sales growth of 145% and mature on 31%. It is estimated that worldwide there are over a billion utrządzeń reproducing our books.

At the same time reports say that Android tablets are flooding the stores, but they are too often purchased. Even worse activity with Android tablets purchased on the Web. IPad type devices generate as much as 91 percent of tablet traffic on the network!

Since November 2013 users of Apple computers can free oprogramowianie update your system to version Maverick containing the free iBooks allows you to read books Multi Touch as well as iPad comfortably.

As of 2015 iPhones gained iOS 8.4 and can play our positions. iPhone is still the world leader in the smartphone segment. 

PC users with Windows and Linux have to be patient. Although Apple is working on a program iBooks on these platforms but not yet given a release date. This is a similar situation to that which took place with the iTunes software. For PCs and Linux program came after more than a year since its launch on Mac OS X. 

Android users are already available to independent programs to read files Multi Touch. IBooks reader however, operate differently on different versions of Android and on various devices, because both distributors and producers of books Multi Touch and Apple do not guarantee proper operation. It is not known when he will be the official launch of iBooks software on Android.
The total number of downloads of free books
iTunesU of the first three years exceeded
300 million!